We are a mobile surf-school, situated just north of Montalivet at the Vensac beaches. Everyday we choose the spot that suits best for your skill-level, that is not crowded and where you can learn safely. We meet directly at the spot, which is easliy accessable by car or bike.
Teaching step-by-step, we check your physical and mental abilities and individualize the course for your needs.
After taking part in our classes, you will have the basic
ability to surf on your own:

+ you will be able to read the ocean
+ interpret the tides, currents, type of waves
+ find the right location to go surfing
+ be able to choose the appropriate equipment
+ learn to respect the rules and the environment
+ get to know yourself better and know your limits

If you can surf already and you want to improve your skills, we will detect your deficits and modify them into your strengths.