Surfing lessons are limited to a maximum of five people for individual students. However, in order to ensure top-quality instruction, these groups may sometimes be limited to just two or three people.
In the case of families, this number can be extended to up to eight persons, or more if the family is divided into two groups. Furthermore, families are given priority when taking bookings and, exceptionally, a deposit of 50% is payable at the start of the surf course. Frank will be attentive to your needs and will take account of your physical and technical capabilities as well as your own personal characteristics when forming the groups and deciding on timing.
EXCLUSIVE! Frank can also arrange for you to be filmed with a "GO PRO" camera if the weather conditions (waves and wind) are favourable. What is more, this service is available free of charge!

Beginner: have you always wanted to try your hand at surfing but have never dared take the plunge? Don't worry! Frank will be able to put you at your ease and free you from any concerns by finding the best conditions for you to practice in.

Intermediate: you are confident in the waves close to the water's edge but now you want to paddle out further to where the waves are still gentle (less than 1 m) and experience your first clean waves.

Advanced: you ride the clean waves and want to learn to carve and follow the waves as they break or go in search of waves of over 1m at the Baïnes. If that sounds like you, Frank will take you further out in small groups and will give you the tips you need to be always in the right place at the right time, while also optimizing your physical effort.

IMPORTANT!!! Persons aged over 60 years must provide a medical fitness certificate attesting to their aptitude to practice surfing. Otherwise a liability disclaimer will be requested. Thank you for your understanding.