LessonsAdults11/14 years7/10 years
1 x 1h3035 EUR33 EUR30 EUR
3 x 1h3095 EUR85 EUR75 EUR
5 x 1h30145 EUR135 EUR120 EUR
10 x 1h30250 EUR230 EUR200 EUR

Private lessons: 1 x 1h30 €90/person

Lessons for private individuals are conducted in groups of a maximum of five students and include tuition, insurance, equipment, full-length wetsuits and foam surfboards. You can also bring your own equipment if you prefer.
Lessons may be postponed or cancelled due to very high winds, strong swells, storms or other factors making it dangerous to practice the activity.
In the case of groups of more than nine people, bookings are only possible outside of the summer season (May - June - September - October). The months of July and August are reserved for private individuals and families. Thank you for your understanding.